Perfect Gifts for New Moms

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Some of us know someone who is either expecting or has a new born at home. They are the ones who are usually quiet and eating some place in peace J These special women can use everything and nothing all at the same time. They don’t quite want clothes since their bodies are undergoing so many changes but they want to look good because their bodies are undergoing so many changes but really, can we ever win? Not with this crowd, folks. So stick with something tried and true. Baby stuff. Women always like receiving things for their baby because it means that’s one less thing they have to buy or pick up somewhere. Good news for you, The Savvy Beauty has some of the best baby products you can put together for your fabulous new mom or soon-to-be-mom in a jiffy. Best part is they’ll be happy, you’ll be happy, and everyone can carry on and go eat something.

Best Baby Products for the Holidays

Equate Pure Cornstarch Baby Powder on for $2.96 is a staple in just about every household with young children in diapers. It can also be a staple in every house hold without children if used as a dry shampoo! Baby powder is versatile and can really bring joy to anyone receiving it. This powder is hypoallergenic and will prevent chaffing to the skin, keep skin dry, and smelling great while helping to prevent skin irritation. Apply liberally for every diaper change throughout your day.

CVS Health Baby Lotion is perfect for those dry days when your baby just needs some extra hydration and moisture. This baby lotion helps protect your baby’s sensitive skin from dryness. This unique formula contains soothing moisturizers to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and non-greasy. Ideal for anyone who wants their skin to feel baby soft as well! Features include: Paraben free, hypoallergenic, gluten free and cruelty free! Get it on for only $2.72 today.

Walgreens Baby Advanced Healing Ointment can be picked up on for $6.99 but will last you a really long time! This ointment will keep your baby happy even in times of great discomfort caused by diaper rash. This stuff helps to treat & prevent diaper rash, protects chapped skin and it hypoallergenic. Apply as needed (so not all the time) and be sure to change wet/soiled diapers promptly. Cleanse the diaper area, allow to dry, and apply ointment as liberally as necessary (for every diaper change especially when there will be prolonged time in one diaper like bedtime). This stuff is a life saver!

Up&up Baby Hair + Body Wash is amazing for little ones and even if you have more than one child at home! The price is incredible and you really get a lot for your money. This wash gently cleanses without drying out baby’s delicate skin and smells amazing. You’ll be sniffing your baby all the way to the crib! Your children will love and you will too when you see that it’s only $3.19 on! Paraben free and hypoallergenic you really can’t go wrong with this wonderful hair and body wash.

You can grab a few baby clothes or a cute baby jumper at a local department store, pack it all into a cute little basket and wrap it up really nicely for them. They will appreciate that even though the gift is not for them, it is for their beloved new baby. It’s a win-win! And you save HUGE bucks going this route rather than grabbing the trendy, expensive aqua marine bumbo chair that is sold out everywhere! Give the new momma a hug and even throw in a comfortable pair of slippers for her very important (current or upcoming) duties. She will be ever so grateful.

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