How to Survive a Toddler

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We all know that sound, pitter-pattering feet coming down the hall in the middle of the night. You sigh and look at the clock… 4am. Great. The door slowly creeks open and two little beady eyes stare at you in the darkness. “Mommy, I have a accident.” Your day has begun. We all know you’ll be lucky to get back to bed this morning. Those are lucky days when they cuddle up with you and sleep in after an event like this. Usually you throw on your robe and end up wide awake after changing their sheets. You suppose a coffee wouldn’t be a bad idea. And so it begins. A day of non-stop energy-sucking activities that we all know you cannot possibly keep up with. The best shot you’ve got is a mid-afternoon nap for an hour or two. For both of you. The afternoon couldn’t come any quicker.

How can you survive a toddler? How can you be a better parent and try to provide as much energy as they need to thrive in life? How can we do this with more than one child?

Make a Nutritious Breakfast!

At this time in the morning reading a book will likely leave you sleeping on the couch. Turn on the radio and suggest getting out of your pajamas and into your day clothes. Take your time. It’s probably 4:45am at this point. Make sure the coffee is brewing! When you’re both ready for the day let them wonder around a little. You could try to explain to them the importance of staying in bed until at least 6am but it will probably fall on deaf ears. Don’t get angry, remember everything will end one day and this too shall pass. Perhaps you could get started on a delicious morning breakfast. Plop them in the kitchen with some quiet toys or puzzles and get cookin’. Eggs, sweet potato fries, and fresh cut fruits will not only eat up about 1 hour of your time but you will both have a great start for the day! Serve it up and enjoy your coffee and breakfast. Discuss your day, ask them what they want to do and plan your errands. We know you’re tired but you just gave yourself the best possible start with that amazing meal. You’ll both be ready to face the day.

Have Some Structured Activities

Grab a few puzzles, some stacking blocks, cars, and some craft material. Line them up in order and start on one at a time. Do the puzzles together. Take your time. Go through each toy with them and try to find some fun in what you’re doing. Kids love to learn, especially from their parents! Stack a big tower then knock it down! Build a small structure, a house, building, enclosed area and let their toys play in there. Your cars can drive under blocks, bridges, into little structures. Let them knock it down again and again. This is a lot of fun for kids. Before you know it the time will fly and another family member will be awake or you’ll be rounding the clock at 10am. Decide what you’ll do next.

Provide a lot of Multi-Purpose Toys for Play

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If you have a safe environment for a little one to play in then you can let them go to town! Put all their favorite toys in there and watch them occupy themselves endlessly. Have some free play time until nap or just before and squeeze in a walk or time at the park. Always keep a lot of moving vehicles, stacking blocks, puzzles, board books, large pillows, musical instruments, and whatever else you child loves in their space! Between all you diaper changes, snack times, hugs, and clothes change-ups you’ll both be ready for a nap by noon.


Regardless if your child wants a nap or not, quiet time is in order. Many moms close their bedroom door with their toddler and put on a movie or just bring blankets and books. Sometimes only mom sleeps. Sometimes both go for a good nap time. Either way you both need rest. When you wake up it’s lunch time! After that the day will kind of sort itself out. There are lots of resources which provide fantastic activity ideas for little ones that will surely keep you both busy and occupied. Remember, outdoor play can be your best bet in nice weather and entertain your child for hours on end!

Always Remember:

Keep your patience and try to react to situations from a place of love and understanding. We aren’t perfect and can have bad days but do your best to remember that your child is only little.

A child will remember the way you treated them in their hardest moments. Remember that when you can see they are truly struggling with a situation or overwhelming emotion – to think about you’re reaction.

Water is always a fantastic way to soothe a cranky baby. Start the bath and use these wonderfully relaxing products to help calm and comfort your little one:

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You are only human. Be able to forgive yourself and your child. Rest often, eat well and get plenty of time outdoors. Your child will be more likely to have a good day than a challenging one.

Good luck! For more mommy tips & tricks visit The Savvy Beauty.