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Thank goodness the winter is on its way out. We’ve been patiently waiting for this break for months and months. Now the snow has mostly melted and the brown grass is showing through. A good sign! This is the best time to get all your spring necessities and summer play toys before the prices go through the roof. There are some other ways of enjoying this season though, even through rain, cool weather and muddy grounds.

Get Rain Gear

Rain boots, rain coat and slush pants are really all you need to enjoy this weather all season long. Kids love nothing more than playing with their parents and if that play involves getting messy or dirty than bonus! Take the kids to a local forested area to explore the forest in the spring time. You’ll see lots of action from squirrels, birds and other woodland friends while making mud pies and slipping around the place. Take a look at the weather from a positive perspective, not a negative one like most of us do when the weather isn’t ‘optimal’ outside.

Library Time

Getting books and resources on spring and summer can really help lift your mood. Set a plan out with your family for some awesome activites you can do together during the hot months and gather plenty of daily activities that will help keep everyone engaged and active through the summer break. You can find all the ideas you need from books and magazines at the library. Grabbing summer time books can really help lift spirits that may be affected by weather or seasonal changes. Before long, you’ll be anxiously awaiting spring/summer while enjoying the journey along the way.

Plan a Dream Vacation

Travel books are free at travel centers so grab a few for various locations across the globe. Let the kids look through them and enjoy dreaming up their perfect vacation. Perhaps they can only pick 1 place in the entire world to visit. Perhaps they can go to a few places on a cruise ship. Enjoying the planning of something that isn’t necessarily in the cards right now may actually help you get there one day by simply planting the seed. You may have the kids present their plans to the family so everyone can see the interesting places they found and what they would like to see on this beautiful planet.

Layout Plans for a Garden

Make plans to layout a garden set up with wonderful wildflowers or some scrumptious vegetables for the kids to tend to. Teaching children (and even ourselves) about planting and growing food should be an essential part of childhood. The skills they learn from this practice will surely stay with them for a lifetime so they can pass this skill onto future generations. Planning a garden does not take very much money at all. Digging up the dirt, buying seeds, and maintain the plants everyday can cost you as little as 10 dollars. Talk to your family about doing something like this and a rotating responsibility chart where everyone can contribute time to the tending the garden will require. We are sure you will all enjoy this past time that will bring your joy all season long.

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We hope you and your family enjoy all the wonder and beauty this season can bring! For more mommy tips & tricks visit The Savvy Beauty.