Affordable Hair Products – Worth Your Money!

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We are approaching mid-November (time flies!) and Christmas is just around the corner. I’m sure most of us have not done a great job at jumping on the gift buying for the holidays. However; there are always affordable treasures you can give as gifts which will make both you and the receiver feel good. How can you tell what is a good product versus a dud? You don’t always have to buy high end labels to get a great beauty product for yourself or those you love. Here are some fantastic suggestions for those who are looking to make their money go further this holiday season.

Hair Care

Looking to replenish or re place some products for your hair? Christmas is always a great time to stock up on necessities that you don’t want to buy (as much) throughout the year – socks, underwear, toiletries, and beauty products are perfect examples of this. Keeping that in mind, I bet you know someone who will have their hair styled before the holidays so getting something like Renewal Sulfate-Free Color Protect Moisturizing Shampoo available on for $4.99 is a perfect fit! Not only is it specific to color treated hair, but it also falls under the specialty hair care category – which can get quite pri#cey.
Another product that just about every woman (and some men) purchase regularly is hairspray. Why would you spend a fortune on a professional quality spray when we have a comparable product which works just as good! Equate Extra Firm Hold Hairspray is available on for $2.74!!!! Can you really go wrong here? This product is professional quality, fast-drying and provides protection against humidity. For that price, I’ll take 3!

Everyone can use a shampoo & conditioner top up. It’s something that will be used eventually, if not right away. CVS Keratin Straightening Conditioner is perfect for helping to straighten hair that just wants to go wild. It works from the follicle and leaves your hair shiny and straight. It’s available on for $5.99 and works even better if used in conjunction with the CVS Keratin Straightening Shampoo. You can’t go wrong with stuff like this. Every woman in your life will appreciate some beauty product stock piles.

Baby Care

With 7+billion people on the planet, I can guarantee you know someone with a baby. Let me tell you something, parents go through tons of products for their little ones for most of their lives. If you can save them even one trip to the pharmacy, they will appreciate it! Most babies use baby lotion to help retain moisture and keep the skin silky & smooth. CVS Health Baby Lotion is great because it is affordable ($2.49 on, hypoallergenic, paraben free and can be used all over their little bodies. Children go through loads of this stuff, considering many take up to 2 baths per day.

Diaper rash? Likely at some point in a child’s life they will experience the discomfort of diaper rash. We love Baby Advanced Healing Ointmentavailable on for $5.99. This cream helps to treat and prevent diaper rash while alleviating the uncomfortable feeling their little baby buns go through.

Skin Care

This is definitely where the money is at! I personally know women who spend hundreds – I mean hundreds – of dollars on their skin care products. This seems crazy to me. Like I’ve mentioned previously, youthful skin can be achieved through various factors outside of cosmetics. However; there are some go-to products women use to help mitigate issues which may need some enhancement or assistance in looking a little less obvious.
At some point, everyone will begin to develop wrinkles. For me, I was about 25. I have lots of minor eye wrinkles as well as ‘crows feet’. That’s why Equate Precision Focus Wrinkle Serum is my daily ‘enhancer’ to help replenish my skins moisture while I work on returning more elasticity. This serum is only $14.88 on and will make any gift receivers day.

Kroger Clarify Skin Bright Daily Face Scrub is great for anyone who washes their face. This scrub is a great exfoliator, yet gentle enough to use every day. The Skin Bright Face Scrub can be purchased at Kroger for a few dollars. You really can’t go wrong with anyone on your list with this treasure – especially young teenagers who are trying to make acne ‘up and disappear’.
A nice product for anyone on your list is CVS Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion. This body lotion has a relaxing scent of lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang. It not only calms your senses, but it also nourishes skin with the natural colloidal oatmeal in its formula. You can purchase this lotion on for $10.49 – what a great stocking stuffer idea!

These are 8 affordable beauty products you can gift this holiday while saving tons of money. Life is pricey, don’t spend all your hard earned money on expensive, over priced brand label products when beauty dupes work just as well – for a fraction of the price! We hope that you can fulfill all your gift giving expectations this year and that your holiday is full of family & love. If you like any of the products we mention in our posts, you can add them all to a wish list! What an easy way to get what you really want for Christmas.