5 Reasons Not to Sleep in Makeup

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I think every girl out there knows this is sometimes inevitable. Nights when you just can’t get your makeup off before you fall into a deep sleep. Whatever the reason it is never a good one for the sake of your skins health. Every once in a while is okay but if it happens more than a couple times every few weeks, you may be doing more harm than good. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t skip the sink before bed tonight.

Your Skin Will Look Older

Skipping the daily cleanse will leave a build-up of dirt and oil in your pores. If you simply leave the makeup on the surface and re-apply before going out you’ll actually prevent the skin from getting much need rest and relaxation, as well as oxygen so your skin will start to visibly look older. Skipping the makeup remover is the kiss of death for your skin. Have some easy makeup remover wipes, Equate Beauty Wipe Away the Day Cleansing Balm ($5.44 on Walmart.com), or even coconut oil near the sink or bed side table. Make the effort to remove your makeup every single day. Oh and be sure to follow it up with a proper cleansing to ensure all the chemicals and dirt has been completely washed off the skin.

Pre-Mature Aging

Pollution from each day accumulates on the skin, mixing with makeup, dirt, oil and other impurities. All these things have been linked to premature aging not to mention smoking, poor air quality, bad diet, and many other contributing factors. Wherever possible, do your body right and treat it with the utmost respect possible. Cleanse your skin and moisturize twice daily – especially before bedtime! Fight pre-mature aging with Up&Up Revitalizing Body Wash along with a regular skin care routine. Get it exclusively at Target!

Extra Work In the AM

If you remove your makeup every night and do a proper cleansing routine, you’ll wake up with a fresh, clean slate to work with. Imagine waking up with yesterday’s foundation and waterproof mascara caked on there. It would take twice the amount of time to remove, then re-apply your makeup for the day. Save yourself time by waking up fresh-faced and bushy-tailed every single day!

Dries Out Your Lashes

Sleeping with mascara on your lashes can leave them dried out, brittle and prone to breakage. Not only that, the dried mascara can work it’s way into your eyes causing discomfort or worse, infection. Makeup will clog pores, dry out skin, and leave you looking dull. Add some lash serum or moisturizer to your lashes to keep them happy and healthy.

It’s the Same as Skipping H2O for the Day!

According to some professional dermatologists, makeup is like a film and living in it for one night can lead to deep dehydration of the skin. Not only that but the amount of blockage can lead to skin eruptions such as acne, spots, black heads, and white heads. Use a good cleanser like Equate Beauty AM Refreshing Cleanser to reach deep into pores, leaving skin refreshed. Get it at Walmart.com for $3.47

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